Martech Media Learning Management System Overview

Welcome! Martech Media utilizes the Cornerstone OnDemand Enterprise Management Software so we may ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality solutions available. Coupled with our exceptional in-house customer service, we trust that our offerings will meet all your company’s training needs. The following is an overview of the features and capabilities of Martech Media’s Learning Management System (LMS).

Welcome Page and User Transcript Administration

The Welcome page is the first page a user sees when they log into the LMS. The 10 most recently assigned items will appear in the Your Transcript window, in the top right of the page. The Transcript page will list all the training which has been assigned. The training is sorted by most recently assigned. This can be changed by the user. The user can also view the Training Progress for a completed learning object.

Martech Training Services LMS

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User and Organizational Unit Administration

The User Management page allows administrators to search for users in the LMS and view their Transcripts. This is where an administrator can also change a user’s password. Organizational Units can be used to allow administrators to streamline assignments and reporting. There are three Organizational Units used in the LMS: Department/Area, Job Title, and Plant Location. Each of the Organizational Units are customized to specifically fit your company’s needs.

Martech User and OU Administration

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Learning Objects and Training Administration

The main Learning Objects available are:

  • Online Class: Online Classes are the core of the Martech Media online training offerings with over 520 available. The Martech Media LMS also supports any AICC, SCORM1.2, or SCORM2004 compliant eLearning.
  • Curriculum: Training programs can be built as a Curriculum and assigned to users. The Curriculum Player will show the user their progress within their assigned training.
  • Material: Material learning objects enable administrators to delivery content in a variety of formats so they may be implemented into any training plan.

Martech Online Learning Administration

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Certification Administration

Certificates enable administrators to manage the training a user will be required to renew on a specific, recurring basis. With LMS-generated emails, the Certification Management system will email users automatically when a certificate has been assigned, when a certificate is about to renew, and when a certificate has expired.

Martech Certificate Administration

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Learning Assignment Administration

The Learning Assignment Tool enables administrators to assign training to users or specific Organizational Units. The assignments are recorded on the Manage Learning Assignments page, allowing administrators to search for and manage past assignments. Assignments can be set to occur on a date in the future and due dates can also be set for the training within an assignment.

Martech Learning Administration

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Reporting and Dashboard Administration

The LMS has several standard reports available for all your training reporting requirements. Reporting 2.0 is the most recently enhanced system in the LMS. It allows administrators to create custom reports with over 100 data options. The drag and drop functionality make Reporting 2.0 engaging and very easy to user. Automated scheduling and delivery of reports to specific recipients will help streamline workflow. Dashboards offer an at-a-glance, graphic view of user and online training data.

Martech Online Reporting Administration

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Instructor-Led Training Administration

Instructor-led Training is managed in the Events and Sessions area of the LMS. Events are instructor-led courses and Sessions are occurrences of those courses. For example, the Advanced Leadership II course below has 11 sessions which trainees can choose from. Trainee rosters and completions can be managed by the instructor or the administrator.

Martech Instructor-led Training Administration

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Performance and Competency Assessment Administration

The Performance and Competency Assessment capabilities of the LMS will provide an online knowledge validation tool to help administrators realize a more effective way to manage Qualification Cards, Job Performance Measures, Competency Assessments, and Training & Growth Plans. Our knowledge validation solutions can be combined with online training to create a comprehensive and effective training solution.

Martech Performance and Competency Assessment Administration

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Mobile Compatibility and Accessibility

Train Anywhere! Cornerstone OnDemand has mobile apps available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. All the Martech Training Services content is mobile compatible, which offers the convenience and flexibility for your employees to train in real-time, from any location.

Martech Mobile Training

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