Meet some of our team…

Management and Business Development

Mark Streifel, Executive Directors

Mark’s background in the electrical power generation, coupled with his experience in mechanical maintenance, writing, training, and e-Learning, inspired him to create Martech and build a top-notch design team to tailor training programs specifically for each client. Previously, Mark worked for a large learning-based organization, where his plant experience and his academic background in science made him an invaluable leader in creating technical content for both e-Learning and instructor-led programs. Today, he continues to work closely with Martech clients, ensuring that the training programs we build will not only meet but exceed their high expectations.

Jason Marquette, Director of Operations

Besides an academic background in management information systems and financial management, Jason has over 15 years of professional experience in information technology, as well as extensive development experience. He came to Martech from a large financial institution, where he led a technical team. Before that, he was a financial accountant in the real estate industry and a technical consultant for Accenture, Best Buy, and FICO. Jason’s unique combination of financial and technological expertise makes him a great asset to Martech clients.

Victor Zapata, Senior Account Executive

Victor has over 15 years of sales experience and an outstanding track record for business development, having established successful relationships with corporate clients in the U.S. and across Latin America. Victor’s degree as an electrical engineer and along with his experience within the industry has given him an excellent combination of skills that allows him to effectively assess each client’s unique training needs. Victor excels in market research and client education, to ensure our clients get the fullest ROI from their training program and stay competitive with their peers.

Curriculum Development and Delivery

Chad Johnson, Lead Training Specialist and Learning Technologist
Subject Matter Expert: Instrumentation and Control, Electronics, Steam Turbine Operation, Nuclear Reactor Operations, and Electrical Fundamentals

As lead training specialist, Chad manages large-scale training projects for clients in the power generation industry, including development of complete turn-key training programs. He also develops content and technology solutions to support the training needs of companies in the power generating and electrical distribution industries.

Chad has a Master of Science in Learning Technologies and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science as well as extensive experience as a power plant instructor and supervisor in the U.S. Navy's Nuclear Power Program. He has performed classroom and hands-on training, worked as a simulator instructor, developed curriculum, and qualified as a power plant operator.

Joshua Grant, Technical Training Specialist
Subject Matter Expert: Power Generation, Electrical Distribution and Transmission, OSHA, NERC

Joshua is a 10 year Navy veteran with 15 combined years of experience in training, power plant operation, safety, and electrical and electromechanical maintenance. After receiving his training as Electronics Technician, Joshua earned a Master Training Specialist Certification through the Naval Education and Training Command, bringing experience in lesson development, technical writing, instructional theory, and in-person presentation. In addition to Joshua’s electrical and training experience, he has also worked for a public utility and earned his OSHA General Industry and OSHA General Industry Instructor certifications.


Dustie Hollon, Learning Administration and Client Success

Dustie plays a key role in managing our clients and developing our training products. After helping us cultivate new clients, he then supports their ongoing needs, as well as the ongoing needs of their trainees. Besides helping develop new curricula, course review documents, and training tools, Dustie manages Martech’s Learning Management System (LMS), our website, our catalog, and other marketing material. He is instrumental to our exploration of new technology within the online training industry. Dustie brings to his position over 20 years in custom service as well as 10 years experience in project managment, website development, and graphic design.