Preparing a New Generation

Who better to prepare students for technical careers in industry than the company on whom those industries themselves rely for training? For almost 20 years, Martech has been THE source for employee training and development in a range of industries—electrical generation, oil and gas production, public utilities, paper and pulp, and other general process facilities. Our unique insight into employer needs has come directly from the source—from our industrial clients calling on us to train staff. Consequently, our innovative student success strategies can prepare your students to move directly into promising careers when they graduate. Martech technical education programs leverage our comprehensive e-Learning curricula, complete with state-of-the-art 3D graphics, in conjunction with expert hands-on facilitators. And all of our programs are customized for you by a top-tier in-house development team.

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Lesson ExampleAlready held at a growing number of technical colleges and power facilities around the world, our courses all include the following:

  • Instructor Manuals
    • Lesson plans for classroom
    • Course objectives and target outcomes
    • Lecture materials
    • Hands-on laboratories
    • Assessments and evaluations with answer keys
  • Coordinating Student Workbooks
  • Coordinating e-Learning Lessons



To save you time and money, we draw on an extensive bank of proven curricula developed by Martech, then tailor it to meet your specific needs. Here is our current roster of base curricula:

  • Mechanical Maintenance Technician Training
  • Electrical Technician Training
  • Instrumentation and Control Technician Training
  • Petrochemical and Refining Operator Training
  • Steam Power Plant Operator Training
  • Gas Turbine Power Plant Operator Training
  • Combined Cycle Power Plant Operator Training
  • Field Operations for Power Plants and Refineries Training
  • HVAC Technician Training
  • Welding Training
  • Solar-Technical Training
  • General Construction Laborer Training

If existing courses cannot be adapted to fully meet your needs, our design team will create a new program tailored specifically for you and your students. To discuss the many options available to you, simply contact one of our Curriculum Specialists at 281-465-0625.