Helping Your Team Succeed

At Martech, we recognize that there is a big difference between “one-stop shopping” and “one size fits all.” Some clients come to us simply for content through e-Learning. Others want curricula for on-site classrooms. But then we have other clients who need a full range of services, from planning and development to implementation and assessment/evaluation. We are so much more than a content provider. In fact, content is just the beginning. We can support you through a host of other services designed to reinforce employee training, evaluate employee competency and performance, and guide key members of your staff down a career path that will maximize their potential and promote retention.

Our goal is to make your facility self-sufficient and highly productive. Services like these will help us get you there:

  • Employee progression planning
  • Instructional design services (including job task and gap analysis)
  • Documentation development (systems descriptions and operating procedures)
  • Assessment/evaluation systems to measure competency
  • Training center planning and design