Technical e-Learning

Our extensive package of sophisticated e-Learning courseware is designed entirely in-house at Martech and is in such demand that we have branded it under our Industrial Technologies Curriculum umbrella so that clients throughout the industry can easily recognize it.  Through Industrial Technologies Curriculum, we offer a highly animated and interactive library of technical e-Learning that will take your employees through the theoretical portion of their professional development before they experience hands-on training in a learning laboratory or on the job site. The animation and graphic illustrations within this educational software enable us to display processes and complex internal components of equipment at a level of detail that would be impossible in a standard textbook or traditional lecture format. Designed for minimal seat time and minimal staff oversight, the Industrial Technologies Curriculum will provide your workforce the greatest gains in efficiency and competency at the best possible ROI. Students can learn at a distance and at their own pace. Also, because all students receive the same information throughout the life of the program, training remains consistent over time. With state-of-the-art technology, 3-D animation, and a media library with over 300,000 images and videos, we’ll engage and motivate your team as they learn and embrace your processes, procedures, and policies. Through our Industrial Technologies Curriculum, we can provide more than 750 hours of industrial training.

All of our e-Learning curricula are developed and customized for the client by an experienced in-house team. If one of our existing e-Learning components does not fully meet your needs, our design team will create one especially for you, incorporating animated 3D graphics to deliver a state-of-the-art training experience for your employees.

For a list of our current offerings, complete with course descriptions and objectives, please see our online catalog or course listing (below).