HTML5 and Browser Compatibility

HTML5 eLearning and the Death of Flash Content

On July 25th, 2017, Adobe announced the planned "End-of-Life" of their Flash and Shockwave Players. In 2020, Adobe will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player and is encouraging content creators to migrate existing Flash content to more widely used standards, such as HTML5. Google, Microsoft and other Adobe technology partners have also released statements which support this major move. In the past three years, the average percent of users who visited a site containing Flash each day has declined from 80% to only 17%.

August 9, 2016, Google announced that, starting fourth quarter 2016, support of Flash content will be strictly limited in Chrome. Also, over the next year, Flash will be completely phased out and no longer supported.

Microsoft has also announced that it will start to isolate Adobe Flash content into separate processes and pause Flash content by default. Starting with Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft has put forth a more concerted focus on the support of HTML5 content.

E-Learning has changed the industry on how we train the next generation of workers, to work safely, efficiently, and effectively.  However, all E-Learning Content is not the same. Some time ago, Apple officially said that they would not support Flash on their devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod), and in August of 2012, Google followed this decision and began to stop the support as well.  While most e-learning content are still primarily delivered over desktop computers, this style of publication will cease as early as the end of this year, because of the security holes that exist in this browser plugin.  This will not only affect Mac user but PC users alike, as popular browsers such as the default Windows browser, Internet Explorer, and their popular alternatives (Chrome and Firefox) have also adopted to drop support for Flash, as early as the end of 2016.

Martech Training Services and HTML5

In January of 2014, Martech Media made an internal decision to seek out a new development platform to start production of HTML5. We sought out new methods of producing our content that would play on the most basic of systems and yet still provide greater, or at least maintain, the same levels of interactivity, visual quality, and professional material. This turned to be an arduous task, as many well-known e-learning development tools only half-way supported the new technology trends or did not support them at all. We are happy to announce that our ever growing catalog has not only been converted from flash, but has been upgraded in many ways as of the third quarter of 2016.

Martech Training Services eLearning & LMS Technical Requirements


Recommended at least 4GB of RAM


Javascript Enabled
Cookies Enabled
Popups allowed for Martech URLs

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows

Firewall Settings/Whitelist URLs

Browsers Supported

See table below

Browser Compatibility

The following browsers fully support HTML5 and are recommended when viewing online training provided by Martech.

Browser Name

Current Browser Versions

Download here

Google Chrome


Download here

Mozilla Firefox


Download here



Download here

Microsoft Edge


Download here

Microsoft Internet Explorer


Download here

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