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Make Fall a "Back to School" Outage

Down time becomes prime time when you use it to train your team.

These days, it seems as if planned outages happen year round, but many plants still schedule large-scale maintenance outages for late spring or early fall. That’s when the heating/cooling load is lowest, and the loss of generating capacity can be more easily managed by the grid. If you have an upcoming planned shut-down, Martech Training Services can help you make the most of this down time by capitalizing on unique training opportunities that aren’t available when your plant is online:

  • Boiler doors are open, turbine casings are removed, and many other types of major plant equipment are exposed or disassembled, offering a level of visual inspection that workers can’t experience during regular operations. This is an excellent time for the development or performance of hands-on training. It's also a good time for the training team to digitally journal plant maintenance activities.
  • Many confined spaces are declassified and secured open, allowing trainees or training developers easier access to areas they normally cannot enter.
  • The wide range of maintenance activities offers invaluable material for custom content development. Imagine how much information could be gathered to enhance your training materials during such activities as Boiler Inspections, Turbine Overhauls, Heat-Exchanger Cleanings, or Boiler Feed Pump Repairs?

By way of example, just a few years ago a steam plant in Texas performed a major overhaul on its boiler feed pump during an outage. Unfortunately, only the staff present got to experience the process, and by the time that activity has to be performed again, most of those workers will be retired. Had the plant digitally documented the dismantling, repair, and reassembly, it could have created excellent training content that could be used for decades.

Because workers are so occupied with the tasks at hand during an outage, they don’t have any additional time to attend training. However, Martech Training Services can partner with your training team to take full advantage of the high level of accessibility that outages afford. We can transform your entire plant into an amazing training tool, using the information we gather to develop custom training content that is individualized and branded for your company. Working together, we can strengthen your team for generations to come.

Before your next outage, take a moment to consider . . .

When was the last time you updated your confined space training?
When was the last time you trained on lock-out/tag-out?
When was the last time you practiced gas monitoring?

. . . and how much more prepared would your team be if you allowed Martech Training Services to make your next outage an A+ experience?