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The Training Crisis, By the Numbers

At least 50 percent of skilled workers in our industry will be walking out the door by 2020. Is your company ready?

The combined forces of retiring Baby Boomers and a diminished number of training programs at American companies have created an enormous gap in available workers. And yet, those who are properly trained have almost unlimited potential.

  • The following were among the recommendations from a new report called “Bridge the Gap: Rebuilding America’s Middle Skills” by researchers at Accenture, the Harvard Business School, and Burning Glass, a labor market analysis firm:
    Develop a deep understanding of future staffing needs and write job descriptions based on core skills
  • Create in-depth internship, apprenticeship, and training programs
  • Collaborate with other employers to standardize job descriptions and build a pipeline of future workers

[SOURCE: Wall Street Journal, “Where Are All the Middle-Skill Workers?” Nov 12, 2014]

What experts recommend is exactly what we do, start to finish. Martech Training Services is ready to help you build a bridge to the future, ensuring that your company doesn’t fall behind in a highly competitive global marketplace. From on-boarding and initial training to apprenticeships, advanced professional development, and progression planning, we can tailor a convenient, efficient training program that gets results—whether you have 12 employees or 12,000.

Onsite, online, in the classroom, and on the job—let Martech Training Services train your next generation and prepare your company for the future.