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Streamlined NERC Training

System Operators at all levels are key to our industry, but their training has traditionally been cumbersome and complicated. Outdated manuals are constantly being patched as training programs struggle to keep pace with NERC. Many programs take a 'one size fits all' approach, failing to recognize the need for highly focused continuing education. The whole process is costly and inefficient — but it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s what Martech Training Services can offer you:

  • Thirty hours of forward-thinking core training for all System Operators plus additional training carefully targeted to each of NERC’s exams:
    • Balancing Exam & Transmission Exam (TO and BI certification)
    • Balancing/Interchange/Transmission Exam (BT certification)
    • Reliability Exam (RA/RC certification)
  • Create training and advanced education programs that are continually updated based on Martech’s meticulous monitoring of new developments at NERC. We don’t react to new regulations — we anticipate them.
  • Supplementary OSHA training presented in tandem with NERC training so that your team significantly reduces time spent away from the job.
  • Custom training integrated within your existing training materials and branded with your company’s logo to the delivery site.
  • A valued component to your company’s progression planning, since you now can offer top-tier training to your best employees as they develop professionally and demonstrate potential for growth.

Remember, knowledge really is power. The better trained your employees are, the better they will perform their jobs. And the more they value the training they receive, the more they will value YOU. Talk to us.