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Put Vacation Season to Work

Your training program doesn’t have to clock out just because employees are taking time off.

Granted, the summer months aren’t the best time to offer large-scale training programs. Many employees are taking advantage of vacation days to get away with their families, which makes it difficult to organize onsite classrooms and training sessions. However, this is a great time to lay the groundwork for future training needs.

Where should you focus your attention during the next three months? Here’s a checklist:

  • Conduct a Training Needs Analysis
    Most companies will find that their training plans are based on a training needs analysis that was applicable to the conditions at the facility when it opened. Unfortunately, many times training plans haven’t been updated to correspond with plant upgrades or new technologies. Conducting a training needs analysis is an essential step in updating your training plan.

     “… just because the technology in your plant has been updated, that doesn’t mean your training plan has been automatically updated.”
    Martech Executive Director Mark Streifel

  • Develop an Employee Progression Plan
    Between now and 2020, our work force is taking a one-two punch. At a time when the number of training programs at American companies has dramatically diminished, Baby Boomers are retiring in large numbers. The result is an enormous gap in available workers. As Martech partners with clients, our team takes a two-pronged approach to this critical issue:
    1. We help you ensure that new employees quickly become productive members of the workforce.
    2. We capitalize on any experience they bring from other industries, fitting them into a progression plan based on their existing skill set. This ensures that time isn’t wasted re-training skills that the new employee already possesses.
  • Update Plant Documentation
    Current, accurate documentation is one of the most valuable assets to any training program. Summer is an ideal time to make sure you have updated documentation for “the big three”: System Descriptions, Operating Procedures, and Maintenance Procedures.

Let Martech’s highly skilled team get your company ready to meet the challenges ahead. Remember—your hard-working employees deserve some R&R, but your training program can’t afford to take a holiday.