On The Job Competency Assessment and Knowledge Validation

At Martech Training Services, we understand that training doesn’t end in the classroom or online. Industry requires ongoing training and competency evaluation which cannot be assessed only by completion of an online training curriculum. A comprehensive and thorough employee training program requires the implementation of validation methods to test a user’s theoretical and applied knowledge.

How Can Our Solutions Help You Meet Your Training Objectives?

Validate Practical Understanding

Deliver Regulatory Reporting

Employee Competency Insight

Observe trainees completing critical tasks and confirm effective understanding, in real time, on-the-job and in the field.

Leverage real-time reporting which will allow training supervisors to accurately assess the competency of trainees and streamline processes to comply with regulations.

See, at a glance, which trainees are properly trained, in need of further training, or are ready for increased responsibility.

Observation and Competency Checklist Features

Key Performance Indicators


  • Create validation tools specific to your needs
  • Assign multiple validators or verifiers to assess competency tasks
  • Upload media as an added measure of validation of competency tasks
  • Eliminates the need for paper-based evaluation methods
  • Implement quality control and process improvement initiatives
  • Save time, money, and human resources by streamlining record keeping

Mobile Accessible


  • Accessible through Cornerstone’s mobile application, allowing users to validate skills on the fly
  • Provide 24/7 access to multiple validators from multiple sites
  • Quickly and easily access and record skills and competencies, directly observing specific activities in the field
  • Ensure that regulatory reporting is accurate and timely
  • Run reports on demand for access to important compliance information
  • Certify employees are properly qualified to operate particular types of equipment