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The End of Flash-Based Learning is Here

Martech Training Services is excited to announce the final stages of upgrading and converting our e-Learning content to HTML5. By the end of September 2016, our entire content library will be delivered as HTML5 and over 90% of our e-Learning lessons will contain new content and 3D graphical elements. The HTML5 courses expand the learning value to your trainees by offering more engaging graphics, updated content, and allowing compatibility with virtually all mobile devices. This update makes Martech the only industrial skills training company, in our industry sector, to have a full offering of mobile ready content that can play with no plugins!

Why are we so excited? Adobe Flash is literally nearing the end of its life as an effective means of delivering e-Learning. Many major companies, including Google, Apple, and Microsoft, have announced their plans for discontinuing support of Adobe Flash. If you haven't already, we highly encourage you to click here to review the Chrome blog post announcing the plan for dropping Flash support this month.

Don’t get us wrong, Flash was pivotal in the advancement of e-Learning interactivity and animation; however most of the content developed in Flash was intended for viewing on a desktop or laptop. When the browsers get to the point where they no longer support Flash, that content will cease to function. Essentially, Flash-based learning content has outlived the browsers it was designed to play on.

If your company is still utilizing Flash-based learning content or is just looking for better, more engaging e-Learning, please contact us today by calling +1 (281) 465-0625 or by email.

Click here for more information about the benefits of HTML5 content and browser recommendations.