Engine Lathe Training

807-01 Engine Lathe

When you complete this lesson, you will be able to identify engine lathe control systems and machining methods, and explain the basic methods to manufacture replacement or repair parts for various types of equipment.

  • Describe basic engine lathe parts and operational controls
  • Identify types of chucks and discuss procedures for installing and removing chucks and faceplates on cam-lock spindles
  • Explain the operation and use of the four jaw chuck
  • Describe tail stock parts and operations
  • Describe the following types of cutting tools and discuss their uses:
    • Carbide and alloy turning tools and drills
    • Drill bits
    • Turning tools
    • Facing tools
    • Boring bars and tools
    • Threading and specialty tools
  • Identify factors that determine suitable speeds and feeds for different cutting tools, operations, and work piece materials
  • Describe the basic methods used for:
    • Turning operations
    • Shaft work
    • Thread cutting
    • Boring
    • Facing
  • List other machining processes possible on an engine lathe