Vertical Milling Machine Training

805-01 Vertical Milling Machine

When you complete this lesson, you will be able to identify the basic control systems and machining methods used on a vertical milling machine and explain the basic operations necessary to manufacture replacement or repair parts used in various types of equipment.

  • Identify the function of the vertical milling machine’s operational controls
  • Explain how workpieces and cutting tools may be precision located through coordinate measuring
  • Explain how to square a workpiece on a vertical milling machine
  • Describe the use of the holding and clamping tools
  • Explain how to determine suitable speeds and feeds for various:
    • Cutting tools
    • Operations
    • Workpiece materials
  • Describe the use of each of the following cutting tools:
    • End mills
    • Woodruff cutters
    • Fly cutters
    • Precision boring heads
    • Counter-bores, spot facers, and chamfering tools
  • Describe a method for cutting key seats and keyways
  • Identify other machining processes possible on a vertical milling machine